• Large 3L stainless steel tank
• Super-sized industrial grade
ultrasonic transducer (80W)
• Ceramic heater (65°C)
• Touch screen control panel
• Full CE and RoHS approval
• Two cooling fans
• Drainage valve
• Quiet operation
• Engineering grade
Ultrasonic cleaners function by producing sound waves that are transmitted
into the tank and cleaning solution. These waves create millions of microscopic
bubbles, which collapse or ‘implode’, releasing large amounts of energy, which scrub the
surface clean. This process is called ‘Cavitation’. These tiny bubbles create incredible cleaning
results not only to the surface, but by penetrating the finer detail and recesses in surgical
instruments and small items to ensure a professional clean prior to disinfection.
The 8061 TOUCH professional cleaner has a super-sized ultrasonic transducer that is 30%
more powerful than our standard transducers, to enable uniform distribution of ultrasonic
waves. The touch screen control panel of the 8061 TOUCH has a simple to use
5 to 30 minute full range digital timer. Set your required cleaning time and temperature
and let the cleaner do the hard work for you. The 8061 TOUCH has an easy to use drainage
valve, making it simple to empty the dirty water from the tank.
The 8061 TOUCH is ideal for the medical world due to new
capacitive sensing touch screen technology which ensures easy
usage and maintains a clean hygenic control panel surface in a
clinical environment.
It is also possible to suspend a glass beaker within the tank
providing in-direct cleaning for items that require isolated cleaning.
Pack Size: 1
Central Spares Ltd
Sadler Road
United Kingdom

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